The approach to the high bridge has a lighted sign reading ICE ON BRIDGE … perhaps they should simply change it to STAY HOME OR ELSE.

Saw that one coming

November 27, 2006 10:46 pm
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As of 10:45 pm, Seattle Public Schools have already decided tomorrow (Tuesday) will be a snow-closure day.

If nobody’s made this joke already …

… let me be the first: You just know SOMEONE’S story about the Seahawks’ Monday Night Football game is going to allude to “the 12th Snowman.”

Half an hour and the street’s all white

Haven’t seen it snow this hard since the Post-Christmas Blast of ’96. P.S. In case you wondered, the city has a snow & ice FAQ. And there’s the handy-dandy list of streets most likely to be closed probably closed right this very second already.

It’s he-e-ere

November 27, 2006 6:05 pm
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 |   West Seattle weather

Six o’clock straight up and the latest wave of snow just hit our end of WS. Right after we drove through it on our way home from work … past Qwest Field, where as I write, Monday Night Football features the Seahawks hosting a team that’s more used to this kind of weather. This time, the snow seems to be more a matter of geography than altitude … a little while ago, the cars at Huling Brothers already had a decent coat of white, but by the time we passed Morgan Junction Thriftway, the ground was nearly bare … till now. Whoa, it appears to be snowing sideways at the moment. Be safe!

From wonderland to wind-erland

November 27, 2006 2:11 am
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 |   West Seattle weather

The snow’s stopped but now gusty wind has roared in. Looks like the experts think we’re done with the serious snow threat (till you get north of Seattle, anyway). Nice while it lasted (provided you didn’t have to drive last night). If you were wondering “how early did we see snow last year, anyway?” my memory didn’t help, either, but the archives of Metroblogging Seattle did.

Still snowing

November 26, 2006 7:19 pm
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 |   West Seattle weather

Just after 7 pm and here on the southern hills of West Seattle, it’s been snowing for a few hours, with flakes still falling and some slush on the street. Will this mean an extended Thanksgiving holiday for local schoolkids? No word yet. If it does, the info should show up here before dawn. Also remember that if you have to drive (hopefully not) we’ve got city traffic cameras, including the bridge, linked from our WS cams page.

Sad snowman

November 26, 2006 3:36 pm
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 |   West Seattle weather
Discovered down & out along SW Myrtle Street near the reservoir (highest point in Seattle)

Got snow?

Woke up late and missed the actual snowfall up here on our hill, but there’s still a bit in the yard and on neighboring roofs. Not for long, though, since it’s raining and 37 degrees. We’re going out to see if anything’s photo-worthy; meantime, if you want to check out an actual Winter Wonderland, look at the live state cameras in Whatcom County.

Saturday rounds

November 25, 2006 3:40 pm
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This near-winter time of year, it’s tougher to get a chance to tour the town in daylight. So here’s what we spotted today while catching up:

-A new pedestrian stoplight is up (though the crosswalk’s not painted yet) at Fauntleroy & Kenyon, around midway down the east side of Lincoln Park. About time; without it, you’re taking your life into your hands if you try crossing Fauntleroy anywhere between the 76 station and the park’s southernmost parking lot. Looks like the Fauntleroy Community Association’s been campaigning about this problem for a long time, so perhaps we have them to thank. (Speaking of pedestrian safety, here’s your chance to make a BIG difference: The city’s Pedestrian Advisory Board needs new members, and Monday’s the application deadline.)

-What was Fauntleroy Auto Works (Cali Ave just north of Fauntleroy), future site of what we think of as the Monorail Memorial Park, is now a pile of rubble.

-We found six seven places to buy Christmas trees in West Seattle, so far. (All are now listed on our ever-evolving West Seattle Holiday Stuff page.) Seems like fewer than years past, but as we realized while driving around, we’ve got fewer empty lots these days. P.S. The P-I mentioned the Holy Rosary lot today in a story about nonprofit tree sales.

Snow or no?

November 25, 2006 10:10 am
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 |   West Seattle weather

If you’ve checked the papers or watched tv, you may have heard the latest round of “it might snow” hysteria. Here’s the latest from the experts.

Ferry-tale holiday

November 24, 2006 8:26 pm
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 |   Transportation

In line at Morgan Junction Thriftway on Thanksgiving afternoon, we listened to our checker swap tales with customers about what sounded like the Ferry Line From Hell down at the Fauntleroy dock. Didn’t have time or need to check it out for ourselves; but the blog stories we’re finding tonight sound like the next best thing to having been there — 1,000 Comedian Out of Work…’s Blog tells of surviving the seemingly endless line, only to wind up at the wrong dock; Acting Up mentions giving up upon the mere sight of the line, and “driving around” instead to get to Kitsap County.

‘Twas the weekend after Thanksgiving

… and all through the town/nothing much was scheduled/’cause few were around.

Well, it’s not that slow, but close (the really good stuff is next weekend, including the 2nd annual West Seattle Tree Lighting). Keep in mind that the community centers are closed, the Senior Center’s closed, but stores are open, so it’s a great weekend to start shopping! (We’ll post some recommendations soon for only-in-WS gifts.) Aside from that, here’s a few weekend events: Santa’s arriving @ Westwood Village at noon Saturday … the Holy Rosary Tree Lot opens Saturday (we’ll be scoping out others this weekend too) … on Sunday, it’s one of the final four West Seattle Farmers’ Market days of the year … ongoing art exhibits include “Visual Ensembles” @ ArtsWest, Alexis St. John’s retrospective @ T(ea) Gallery, and “Art for the People” by Chad Stieg @ Revolution Coffee & Art.

Ready to think about Christmas yet?

November 23, 2006 8:57 pm
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 |   Holidays

Soon as you are … check out the latest additions to our WS Holiday Stuff page. And as soon as you (or your neighbors) turn your house into a light-encrusted showplace, send us the address … we plan to list the coolest decorations, too, for all to see.

Mahalo, gracias, arigatoo, merci, kiitos, niawe …

November 23, 2006 6:44 am
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 |   Holidays | WS miscellaneous

Among many other blessings, we are thankful for you taking the time to stop by this site and see what’s up. (Otherwise, we’d be talking to ourselves, and heaven knows, we’ve done enough of that in our time on this planet so far.) We are also thankful to still be here in wondrous West Seattle … where you can see sunsets like this (photo by Lisa) and this (photo by Michelle) … where you can go for a summer swim at a pool like this … where you can find community groups like this and this, spending their “spare time” to nurture our neighborhoods … others banding together to caretake precious bits of urban wildness between the condos and the concrete … yet others who do what they can to share with those in need … We could go on all day, but we’ve got other things to do and so do you. Again — thanks.

Here come the backhoes

November 22, 2006 6:45 pm
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 |   Development | Gatewood | West Seattle religion

While the “for (re)sale” sign flaps in the breeze outside Gatewood Baptist Church (on Cali, just before the big hill), the city has just issued a fat set of permits for the multi-family housing that’s going up on what was church property across the street: two “duplex townhouses” at 7200 Cali, two more (plus a demolition permit) at 7202 Cali, two more at 7206 Cali, and last but not least, two more at 7208 Cali. As a meditative scene, if this density disturbs you, ponder this photo of West Seattle housing some decades back.

Java Bean steps up

November 21, 2006 10:48 pm
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 |   Holidays | WS beverages

Just got a note from Tony, longtime proprietor of West Seattle’s most illustrious coffeehouse brand, Java Bean. Tony is (#1) thanking everyone who donated to JB’s just-completed food drive — 200 pounds of food on its way to Northwest Harvest! — and (#2) offering to take turkeys over to the White Center Food Bank (urgently needed, as we mentioned a couple posts down). Tony says that if you drop a turkey donation off at Java Bean (on Avalon, just south of the bridge; here’s a map) BY NOON TODAY (Wednesday), he will take it to the food bank. Three cheers for Tony! (And for Java Bean, whose old cart at the pre-’97-fire Thriftway is where we first truly fell in love with lattes, guzzling intense triple-grande-nonfat from our old-school saucer-bottom reusable mug. Ah, the memories …)

Dishing up details

November 21, 2006 7:11 pm
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 |   West Seattle news | West Seattle restaurants

We can’t resist noting you read about Bakery Nouveau (in the ex-Borracchini space) and Beato (in the ex-O2 space) here first … BUT … props to the P-I for dishing up new details on both in tomorrow’s paper.

Brother (Sister), Can You Spare a Turkey?

November 21, 2006 11:51 am
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 |   Holidays | WS breaking news

Or two. Or even three … We mentioned the White Center Food Bank’s need for turkey donations. We hope at least someone out there heeded the call; we took a few down ourselves. Well, ’tis two days before Thanksgiving, and we just got a note from the WCFB saying they’ve got fewer than 20 turkeys left, but hundreds more families to serve. C’mon, you can get turkeys REALLY cheap at Safeway or Fred Meyer. Open your wallet, open your heart. (And if you know of anyplace else in our area that needs last-minute donations, please leave a comment for all to see!)

Branching out

November 21, 2006 6:26 am
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The folks at Holy Rosary must have a heck of a web team. Even their famous Christmas tree lot (we just added it to our Holiday Stuff page since it’s opening this Saturday!) has its own site.

Between the lines

One of the chroniclers linked from our Other Blogs in WS page is sporting quite the photo essay. While having some trouble finding a usable parking space at Jefferson Square, Dustin decided to capture the space-munchers on camera.

Change of place, change of name

November 20, 2006 7:06 pm
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 |   West Seattle religion

Looks like Gatewood Baptist Church isn’t just changing locations, it’s changing its name. The sign outside its future new home on 35th is now draped with a banner reading “Life Church Ministries, Coming Early 2007.”