Deputy’s memorial service this Friday

December 3, 2006 8:45 pm
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King County just announced the memorial service for Deputy Steve Cox, the officer and community activist killed in the line of duty in White Center early Saturday, is set for this Friday at the Christian Faith Center in SeaTac, site of other officers’ memorials, including Federal Way’s Patrick Maher in 2003, Des Moines’ Steven Underwood in 2001, and Richard Herzog, the last King County deputy killed on the job (2002) till now. Meantime, the county site has posted photos from the memorial set up in Deputy Cox’s honor at the White Center storefront where he was based.

Another new addition to The Junction

December 3, 2006 6:38 pm
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Driving down Cali Ave a short time ago, noticed something unusual, and very un-senior-looking, happening on the sidewalk in front of the Senior Center. Two more drives around the block finally trained our eyes on a sign in the window, as the small crowd picked up its chairs and moved inside: Seems The Skate Church is now meeting Sunday nights at the WSSC.

Sunday this ‘n’ that

-Big banners at the Farmers’ Market today reveal that it’s only taking a holiday hiatus — after the Dec. 17 finale-for-the-year, it will return Jan. 7 as the “Winter Farmers’ Market,” 10 am-1 pm.

-The ever-busier section of Harbor Ave near the tow yards, Verge, ActivSpace, etc., is now even busier, as Budget Trucks seems to have set up a rental business there, with many of its offerings parked on the street. Best to avoid driving RVs and Oversize Load Tractor-Trailers through that stretch. Bicyclists may not be safe either.

-Also more-lined-with-parked-cars-than-ever, Thistle between 35th and Delridge, during the Mars Hill services, which apparently won’t move to their new ex-Doxa home before next month. We cruised by just to see if any protesters were there, since the demonstration outside MH-Ballard got called off. Nope. (If you don’t recall why somebody wanted to protest MH in the first place, here’s a refresher, plus the church leader’s latest musings on the subject, and a pointed deconstruction of said musings.)

-Looks like a whole lot of WS folks out buying Christmas trees. If you’re not sure about your options, remember to check the list at the bottom of our Holiday Stuff page.

The hardiest souls in West Seattle

December 3, 2006 12:39 am
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Forgot to mention the Admiral‘s monthly showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in our weekend-events post. It fell so far off our radar that we were truly startled to walk out of a 9 pm-ish Admiral movie tonight and find the lobby full of chattering, creatively dressed RHPS fans. More startling still, two late arrivals whom we passed as they giggled and staggered toward the theater from the Safeway vicinity, both in black corsets and fishnet stockings a la Dr. Frank N Furter, as coatless as if they were strolling to a showing in Key West at 34 degrees C, rather than West Seattle at 34 degrees F. Never a dull moment!

The tree is lit!

Just back from the 2nd annual West Seattle Tree Lighting extravaganza in The Junction, with a festive crowd of 200-plus people, literally chillin’ under an almost-full moon. Before the rest of the story, behold, the tree, seconds after the switch was thrown!


Surprise guest stars — retiring jeweler Jack Menashe and wife Linda triggered the tree, so appropriate since his light-encrusted home has already earned him the unofficial King of Christmas title ’round these parts. The other star of the night was MC Dow C, our King County councilguy, energetic yet unassuming as ever, no political puffery. (We agree with his observation that Shanon from Coffee to a Tea with Sugar, who sprinkled cookies among the crowd, had the outfit of the night — sorry we didn’t get a photo of her.) We missed the “Voices of Christmas” performers’ warmup act, but quite enjoyed the Dickens Carolers, who hit almost every known carol short of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” before taking a break for the Actual Lighting at 6:35, and managed to be completely unfazed when one of the many tiny tots in the crowd finally succeeded in his persistent quest to (briefly) unplug a speaker. Props to The Junction crew for a 2nd Tree Lighting that improved dramatically on the first. (Junction fun continues tomorrow with the Farmers’ Market, wagon rides, and Santa photos.)

Sad irony in the deputy murder

December 2, 2006 12:24 pm
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Turns out the deputy shot and killed in White Center this morning was also a longtime community activist who had worked hard, even off the job, to improve the area. He is identified as Steve Cox, president of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council (according to the latest Seattle Times update), and a former prosecutor. According to the county site, last year he won a Community Builder Award.

Deputy killed in White Center

Some consider White Center an extension of West Seattle (and someday it officially might be), so we’re letting you know about a tragedy there early this morning: A veteran King County sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed in WC overnight. Here’s some details from the P-I site; that story doesn’t mention the address but elsewhere it was reported as the 10000th block of 12th SW.

And in news of our other favorite transportation project …

December 1, 2006 11:14 pm
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The dust is kicking back up off the viaduct dilemma as D-Day for the Guv draws near. Will her announcement be simply a prelude to a Gregoire Vs. Greg deathmatch, or will she pull a surprise out of her hat? The latest wave of viaduct articles, by the way, are rumbling louder about our preferred alternative, The Third Option (see the Sen.-elect Ed Murray comment at the end of this story; also note that Ron Sims is apparently a Third Option fan too). If you want to give the Guv your 2 cents before it’s too late, on whichever option you prefer, this pro-#3 blogblurb tells how.

First weekend of December

Headlining these next three days is The Junction’s “Wonderful Weekend,” starting tonight with the open house involving many Junction stores and restaurants, continuing tomorrow night with the Tree Lighting, and wrapping up Sunday with wagon rides and Santa Photos @ Coffee to a Tea with Sugar. Also this weekend in The Junction, “Voices of Christmas” continues @ ArtsWest. We’ve got a ton of other holiday notes, including nonprofit wreath sales, on our WS Holiday Stuff page. (And if your weekend includes putting up Christmas lights, remember that we plan to list the biggest WS displays on that same page, so send us your address if yours qualifies, or that of anything else big, bright ‘n’ beautiful that you see ’round here.) Also this weekend — it’s Bingo Night tonight as part of the Fabulous Family Fridays series at High Point Community Center, volunteers are welcome Saturday at a Camp Long work party.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

-West Seattle’s most famous Christmas display, at the Menashe house on Beach Drive (a mile or so south of Me-Kwa-Mooks), is up and running. Drove by tonight and noted a feature we don’t recall from previous years — a big star in one of the trees.

-The official WS Christmas tree is in place at the site of Saturday night’s big festivities on the north side of Alaska between Cali and 42nd (just east of the Cupcake Royale/Swee Swee Paperie/etc. building). This site is currently dubbed “Junction Plaza” but its official city page says they’re soliciting suggestions for what to name it — you’ve got about six weeks to throw your idea into the hopper.

-Confirmed a visitor’s tip that there is another WS Christmas-tree lot we hadn’t listed (till now) on our Holiday Stuff page — south side of Westwood Village, next to Sally’s Beauty Supply, where a couple more restaurants are set to be built next year.

Back to school

November 30, 2006 4:38 am
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Seattle Public Schools will reopen today, with a 2-hour delay, according to the site that lists major regional school changes.

Five reasons to go out tonight

1 — this snow/ice madness should finally be over and done with
2 — first night of “Voices of Christmas” @ ArtsWest (link on our WS Holiday Stuff page)
3 — Alki Art Studio reception @ The Bathhouse
4 — Greg Laswell live in-store @ Easy Street
5 — a wild-sounding poetry-book release party @ Talarico’s (really)

Super-size snow

So pretty. Big flakes that look like confetti, or even in some cases falling leaves.

A watched storm never boils

But this one finally hit the second we decided we would take advantage of the “delay” and go out for a little drive. Headed down Cali Ave … and right as we reached Admiral, freezing rain started pelting the car. Had to turn around and head right back home in hopes the hill wouldn’t be too badly frosted by the time we started back up. If you see this somewhere around the time we’re posting it, go open your door or window and listen … freezing rain is a very interesting sound. Uh oh … now it looks more like snow …

The waiting is the hardest part

Tonight’s weather radar pictures show a Big Blob of stormy something coming this way. But its true nature may not be revealed till after you tuck yourself beneath three layers of comforters (down from four last night, when Seattle set a for-this-date record low of 18 degrees). One thing seems to be for sure … by this time tomorrow night, we should be able to stop worrying about the weather for a while. Good thing, too, since three interesting events are happening in West Seattle tomorrow (Thursday) night — we’ll post about them first thing in the morning.

Festival of the flakes

November 29, 2006 3:32 pm
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Even as another snowburst headed our way, intrepid decorating crews toiled in the Junction, wrapping poles with white garlands leading up to illuminated … what else … snowflakes.

Eye on the roads

November 29, 2006 2:29 am
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Since the roads outside WS seem to be a mixed bag, you might want to check the city’s entire traffic cam network before going anywhere today. Outside the city, King County has some cams too.

No school

November 28, 2006 10:01 pm
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Seattle Public Schools’ home page says things are still so icy on the north side, the entire district will stay shut down again for a second day.

Chilling chronicles

November 28, 2006 8:11 pm
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Poked around the tubes to see who else is talking about the Semi-Big Chill with a WS spin. The Lone Tomato saw our snow through the eyes of a former tropics-dweller. The Duke mentions crossing the bridge in the midst of the worst of it last night. The Weatherman put up a pic of the view from his walkway, quite the representative WS scene. Period of Useful Consciousness features video of a rare event: a dog deciding it’s too cold for a swim in the water off Alki. Demi has pics including both snow/ice and tonight’s spectacular sunset. Peter writes about leaving work in West Seattle last night to try to get home. Red Kev also had to negotiate the streets right about then. (We personally think the most dramatic and horrifying tales will occur when the utility bills hit the mail slot next month.)

The good news is …

… the really bad weather should be done by this weekend, so we can all enjoy the 2nd annual West Seattle Tree Lighting (this time it’s going to be at 42nd & Alaska, and county councilguy Dow C will be the MC) on Saturday. But in the meantime, we’ve got near-record cold in the works for tonight (here at WS Blog World HQ it’s a three-cat night … oh wait, we need another cat for that) and supposedly some more snow to smack us all tomorrow night into Thursday morning, with a chaser of rain, just like the big melt of ’96 (remember that one? that’s the worst memory we can muster, having not been here for Bridge Sinking ’90).

Road report

November 28, 2006 1:29 pm
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Scoped the roads while going home for lunch. The Bridge is in vastly better shape than it was this morning. You can hear the crunch and crackle of traction sand working its way into your tire treads, but that’s a much more pleasant sound than the screech of brakes, spinning of wheels, smashing into Jersey barriers and so on. Should be pretty decent for the evening drive home. The Admiral offramp still looked a little icy, though, so beware of that; the stretches of Fauntleroy and California that we traveled were relatively ice-free, but most side streets still look relatively ominous.


The approach to the high bridge has a lighted sign reading ICE ON BRIDGE … perhaps they should simply change it to STAY HOME OR ELSE.